Sienna Taylor Music Video song Baby We Don't Need This Night

Song Music Video by Sienna Taylor "Baby We Don't Need This Night":
A song I wrote about my personal love experience - relationship, lust, seduction, resisting irresistible temptations... I devoted this song to beautiful special individuals who tried to seduce me at some point in my life.
In this totally bonkers entertaining video you will meet God, Devil (Satan), Adam, Eva (Eve), Lilith, Tiamat, Angel Gabriel.

Backing track - Music by Sinima Beats
Top line melody - Sienna Taylor,
Singer/Songwriter/Music Producer/LyricWriter - Sienna Taylor
Make up products: L'STAJ, L'Oreal, Rimmel
Concept and photography : Leriche Productions
Movie Directed by Atıl Altaş aka Turboslow - Live VJ & Video Works
Make-up: Caroline Quirynen, Tom Vandewalle, Vanessa Bossuyt
Styling: Izolda Ciurus, Katleen Stieglitz
Hair: Benoit Magis
Assistant photographer: Lana De Doncker
Digital Artwork: Kaydesign
Video adaptation/editing for this song: Sienna Taylor
Sienna Taylor
God: Jean D'Anvers
Adam: Paul Maes
Eva: Lily Mazinova
Gabriel: Sébastien Tassin
Satan: Tim Tubbax
Lilith: Chiara Djababoe
Tiamat: Vienna Hofmans

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Uploaded: Aug 6, 2015

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