autumn roses

For all fans of this wonderful fragrant flowers, nursery roses Virag has prepared more than 80 varieties of rose plants and rose trees. Now is the ideal time for planting roses for autumn planting has advantages with respect to the spring. By planting in the fall of the plant enough time to take root starts užiljavati. After the onset of the first frost, the ground starts to settle and adhere to the roots. The roses were planted in the fall usually booming ten days earlier than roses planted in the spring.

Antique variety of rose centifolia
For planting roses is best to dig a hole 50x50x50 cm, and the bottom of the hole is placed mature manure, and on it a layer of loose earth. Then put the seedlings, and so that vaccinated place is 3-5 cm below ground level. Before that it is necessary to cut short the root tips. Good seedlings before planting hour hold in the water.
Plant of which was placed in a pit over burden the rest of loose earth and good pressure. Watering is mandatory regardless of the humidity of the country. In the autumn planting more land surged to a seedling planted so that branches protruding only 1-2 cm. This protects the mound rose over the winter frost and turmoil in the southern regions. In the spring mound we odgrnuti and flatten. Such planting roses I ensure enough nutrients to be able to produce lush bush and tree quality.

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