Stork with her cubs in the nest

Stork (lat. Ciconiidae) are a family of high bird with long legs and necks, long and hard beak.
Storks are mostly long neck and legs. The height varies from 75 cm (Ciconia abdimii) to 150 cm (African sjedlarica). Rep them is generally short.

The bill is also always a long and strong, but different forms in different species. Typical storks of the genus Anas are straight and thin stem, while for example sjedlarice and large jabiru storks have beaks bent down, long and up to 35 cm.

Feathers genus is in black and white tones, depending on the species. Black feathers generally has a metallic sheen, which plays a role in mating season, when the white feathers looks dazzling.

Storks are tough birds, wide wingspan. For example, the marabou stork weighs about 9 kg and has a wingspan of 3.2 meters and makes one of two birds, in addition to the Andean condor, which has the widest wingspan of any land bird. Of all the birds, only pelicans and albatrosses have a greater wingspan than these.

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