Monster High is the place where all the magic happens. It's a place that some might find scary but others could get fascinated about the diversity of the students. You can find everything here..from leprechauns to gossiping ghosts and zombies. Take Robecca for instance, this gorgeous steam powered robot is a confident and heart warming ghoul that loves having fun and dancing. She is an avid steam punk fashion fan and you can notice that easily from her non conformist style. She recently decided to try out for the cheer leading team and knows that her talent is not enough for the tough head cheer leader Cleo de Nile. She needs to look perfect for her audition and you are probably the most qualified person to give her a helping hand. It's going to take a lot of dress up and make over skill so be prepared. Start off by picking a cute outfit from her closet. Try on different types of steam punk themed outfits until you find the perfect one. After that start her make over session and add some make up to the mix. Make sure that Robecca looks her best and she will surely make the team. Have fun!

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