Simple Notes Notitas Free App for Android

Very light and simple notes free Android app without unnecessary fancy features.

Notitas is a cool easy-to-use note book, notepad, to-do-list,..., so you don't miss the things that are important to you. This simple notebook is very handy and it's 100% free.

With this notes app you can:
- Create shopping lists
- Write quick to-do-lists
- Create music lists
- Write a list of your favorite books
- Save fun facts
- Write cool lines so you can use them whenever you want to.
- Take down anything that crosses your mind.
- Use it as a notepad to put your imagination into words.
- Create a list of problems to solve, which you can easily erase as they get fixed
- Write notes to inspire yourself
- Plan your weekend
And many other uses that we can't even imagine a notepad can do...

Uploaded: Jul 21, 2016

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