The moment

Two minutes before I was crossing the street from the train mainstation to fetch the tram n°14 and go home. I just did 3 hours of train, where I dreamed awake and asleep. I was still waiting. In few minutes the tram would arrive. And it happens.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Neiiiiii


I did a 180 degree movement with my back and frozen I became.

I could not see it at the first seconds. My eyes were localising where the noise came from.

It was fast and intense. "Deception" was the word I detected when I was looking at the right. Fear was the one observed when I glanced at the left side.

A passenger was obscuring my vision, she was moving as nothing happened, from my right to left, as it had to happen, as it was already written in the book of life.

I stood there, did not move, just watching.

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Looks great tin black and white.