Lichens or lichen, (lat. Lichenes) are complex organisms made of two members, algae and fungi, joined together in a symbiotic mutualist community. The main part, which determines the shape and appearance of lichen and the quantity prevails, is a fungus. Hyphae of fungi are so tightly intertwined that build false tissue plektenhim.

Members of this symbiosis of mutually complementary manner:

algae (fitobiont) perform photosynthesis; belongs to blue-green and / or green algae;
mushrooms (mikobiont) from the group Ascomycetes (Ascomycetes) or Bazidiomycota (Basidiomycetes) or Deuteromycetes (Deuteriomycetes) their hifama absorbed from the surface water with mineral salts.
Symbiosis of algae and fungi resulting organism with characteristics that normally do not have one nor the other species and associated organisms that are so unusual that it is often called lichen chaos nature.

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