My Original Character Rocky Harmony

My Original Character Rocky Harmony

I have developed this character for 16 years, so it will be impossible to cover all the details of this character as I would need to write a book if not several due to the fact I add to her ever going story almost every day, but I will at the very least provide some detail on who Rocky Harmony is, how she became a pony ( let alone an Alicorn ;) ) and a little on what she does.

My OC is a bird, ( Male ) i created an entire original species with their own culture, way of life, and capabilities. My OC also has incredible, and unmatched magical powers with the responsibility of defending the future ( its a long story , but i basically get an excuse to really add to my story as i can visit anywhere,and anytime through any dimension ) I made him as realistic as he possibly could be, such as how their abilities work and the reasons why, I wanted a species that could actually exist.
Within reason of course haha :P

But upon visiting Equestria, my OC came across poison joke, which not only changed his species into a pony, but changed his gender as well.
Much to the amusement of "her " friends and family.
Rocky was turned into an Alicorn, this was the only pony type that made sense with my OC`s abilities, and species origins.
Since Rocky was the leader of his species, she was dubbed a princess ( which really didnt help her feel better :P )

She was also given the name Rocky Harmony due to telling her story to the others ( Main 6, Princess Luna

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