SOULEYE - Follow Your Heart

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Cinematography- Adrien Oneiga

I wrote ‘Follow Your Heart’ while looking out at the ocean feeling inspired by the gorgeous waves and expansiveness. The lyrics are grounded to humanity while being mystically poetic. I always weave in things that are personal to me while still leaving the lyrics open enough so that the listener can identify in some way. May this song bring you high vibes. -Souleye


Danger angers not danger /
I'm no stranger with the Extreme /
Exaggerated there's nothing left /
Wait there's a whole bunch /
Think of the sand in exotic lands /
Full moon check the moon shine /
Off of the ocean floor /
In love with Canada truly the trinity /
No amateur arms extended /
Send them out no vengeance /
I'm a comic a book /
Beam me up it's hypnotic /
Double Handed man the canvas /
It’s all night like Midas six am the tides out /
Eight mile jog before the caffeine hits /
Wake up celebration of life /
Never retreat eggs crack Halloween /
Now that's a knee slapper the irresistible /
Make it simple when things seem difficult /
Remove some syllables watch your fingers /
Run across the water like a miracle /

Follow your heart
And keep your head up

As the wind forms the clouds /
New paintings take shape /
May the rough get smooth /
And the smooth get rough /
Everything will be ok as the sail boat sails away /
And the dreams of our children manifest fully /
Let your body stretch out activate /
Toward acceptance interdependence /
I pledge allegiance to giving and receiving /
Who's the lucky winner on the price of desire /
Earth wind and fire my thumb presses tightly /
Up against my index and my middle /
While my pinky and my ring finger close in /
That's the mundra that I use /
When I'm in self discovery mode ancient /
Is the way that I flow mysteriously /
As I travel through time space continuum /
Convincing evidence is not needed /
For me to life my life beyond survival /
Arriving at the home of thriving /
Welcome to the King and the Queen dome /

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