Chicken roll with mushrooms


●chicken breast 800-900 g
●mushrooms 400 g
●leek 2 PCs.
●smoked bacon 100 g
●cheese 2 PCs.
●dry dill — pinch
●mixed spices — a pinch
●vegetable oil 1 tbsp
●butter 1 tbsp


1. Leek divide into white and green parts. Green throwing. And white cut along almost to the end and wash them under running water. Keep need the root up to the sand wash. Then the leeks finely chop. In butter with a drop of vegetable fry the leek until soft. Then add the mushrooms, which we washed, cleaned and finely cut. Cover with a lid and give extinguished 10 minutes.
2. At this time my chicken Breasts. Incision in the thickest part and open like a book. Cover with cling film beats all the layer thickness of approximately 0.5 cm.
3. Lubricated with vegetable oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper, dill and hops-suneli. Or your favorite seasonings. Leave to marinate.
4. Remove the cover with the mushrooms and increase the heat. Need mushrooms to fry until Golden brown.
5. Take a baking tray on which you will bake the loaf. Cover with foil. Then in a couple of layers of cling film. Lay overlapping chicken Breasts, so I took the maximum size of baking tray.
6. On top of the chicken Breasts spread mushrooms and onions. Finely chop a couple of slices of bacon for juiciness.
7. Now it is the turn of cheese. You can slice or grate.
chicken roll with mushrooms
8. The most difficult part. Gently using food wrap collapsible dense loaf. There were holes? Nothing terrible, we patch. Remove the foil and leave the loaf on the foil.
chicken roll with mushrooms
9. Beautifully ecutives roll in bacon. Remember that the bacon is slightly compressed and need some overlap to put.
chicken roll with mushrooms
10. Bake at 200 degrees for about 30 minutes. I baked for exactly 30 and the meat is cooked, but still juicy. Allow to cool slightly and slice.
chicken roll with mushrooms

Bon appetit!

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