Xu Shan’s Selected Short Poems

Xu Shan’s Selected Short Poems

□1. Colour Master
Eyes closed
In the face of the warm sun
Rotate with the endless changes from black to white

□2. Battlefield
A thousand times shout loudly that I come
A thousand times curse that finish soon
On the cluttered desk deathly still is the reading lamp

□3. Nothing Is Prevalent in Freedom
Short hair, long hair, curly hair, wig or head shaving
Dice rolls into nature and deliberation
Or simply give up rolling

□4. A Painter in Front of a Video Camera
Absolutely lifelike skills truly belong to you
I want to draw up your powerlessness
Dreamland, legend and romantic colours

□5. The Poet Movement
Read the poems of others little by little until thorough understanding
I also want to say sentence by sentence until exhausting
Swear to abandon poems as picking them up, your and my tears again

□6. Go See the Clouds
On the canopy of heaven is floating about changeable scenery
Swell, spit, gather or overlap soundlessly
Now white, now black, now red, now yellow

□7. Selection being Sacrifice, and Selecting Sacrifice
Amid grassland look around at flowers, buildings, mountains and clouds
Move towards the cloud base with a desert lying ahead
Will never come back

□8. Eyes in the Dark
Don’t say you can’t see me either
Await the lightning falling from heaven
Mirroring the two circles of luster

□9. The interpretation of Dreams and Interpreting All Dreamlike in Daytime
Mind has created nighttime and daytime
Mind must also be used to untie mind
Let light shuttle between the two windows opened by each other

□10. All People Are Living in the Memory
How many non-writers’ thoughts upsurge unrestrainedly
How many shocking stories are hidden deep inside the heart
How many blocked memories die without speaking them out

★ Translated from For the Sake of Having No Perplexities——Xu Shan’s 1000 Short Poems(Chinese edition, Cozy House Publisher, New York, 2004. ISBN:1-932002-53-7)

Xu Shan
(1) Professor, Dept. of Chinese, Soochow University, Suzhou 215123, P. R. China. M. A. 1987, Nanjing Teachers’ University; Ph. D. 2002, Shanghai Teachers’ University.

(2) Blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/xu_shan

(3) Works:
Ⅰ. Thunder-God Worship: The Origin of Chinese Culture, Shanghai Joint Publishing House, Shanghai, 1992;
Ⅱ. The Origin of Chinese Language, Sichuan People’s Publishing House, Sichuan, 1998;
Ⅲ. Xu Shan’s Selected Papers on Chinese Language, New Star Publishing House, Seoul, 2002;
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Ⅶ. An Analysis of the Structure and Words of The Book of Changes, China Bookstore, 2007.

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