Bug's life in glare (Goldencup St. Johnswort)

Goldencup St. Johnswort | This Eurasian plant is also native to Hungary. It is a herbaceous perennial found on clearings in woods, grasslands and pastures. Its cylindrical stem is 50-100 cm tall with opposing stalkless oblong entire leaves. The flowers appear in broad branched cymes made up of yellow five petaled flowers with many stamens. The leaves exhibit glandular dots (oil glands) and there are glandular dots and stripes on the petals. When held up to light, the dots on the leaves appear yellowish or translucent, giving them a perforated appearance, hence the Latin name. It is cultivated in loose, nutrient-rich soil but it also survives in more inimical conditions. Currently there are two commercial cultivars: Topaz from Poland and Anthos from Germany.
The herb is collected at the start of flowering, but only the upper 30-40 cm of the plant is harvested, as this is the part containing significant amount of essential oil. It is even better to only cut off the flower, and then the side shoots will flower 4-5 weeks later. - source: ilcsi.com

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