Nocturnal story - mysterious line of the wise storyteller

Nocturnal story of the wise storyteller

Musical composition - Nocturnal story, created with ease. It is this character and has been embedded in the foundation of this music. If you listen to this track, you will hear, really, as the fire is burning in the fireplace.

When I created this track, I also paid attention to this sound, and then I knew how to write this song.

I imagine the small cozy room, with accommodation in its beautiful fireplace, in which were burning, crackling birch wood.

And in this room, was old and wise storyteller, who was sitting in a chair covered with warm blanket, he sometimes looking out the window, behind which was a quiet and deep night.

He looking out the window at the bright stars, and then enchanting storyteller suddenly and with a smile on his face, write in his notebook mysterious line. He wrote his nocturnal stories, his fary tales.

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