Two image panorama and long exposure of Nishava river and heating plant Nis

You can see the light of the city in distance, as well as heating plant which was working as you can see the smoke, meaning it was quite cold when I took this image. It didn't help a bit that I was near river because it is always windy . I was testing my new tripod, which sadly, I had to sell and I regret that action today.

Uploaded: Feb 8, 2016

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Tags: panorama, pano, long exposure, milky water, niš, nis, nish, ниш, serbia, srbija, србија, toplana, heating plant, city, city lights, smoke, river, reka, nishava, nishava river, southern serbia, serbian, niska toplana, fliiby, canon, canon 11

published 2 years ago