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Learn WOT Mistakes | Episode4 (World of Tanks)

Learn WOT Mistakes is analysis series of WOT replays.We explore competitive matches and pick out moments with the goal of breaking them down.

Hello everyone and welcome to new series.This series will be focused on teamplay rather than individual one.We will analyse replays of teams and give advice on how to fix their mistakes and emphasize on most important things.

Welcome to "Learn WOT Mistakes"

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Edited by mr_KELA

♬ Music:

" On Top Of The World (Inst.)"
“Step On It (Inst.)”
by The DNC

"Outta My Way "

“Rise Again”
by Jeff Garber

Music used with permission from Position Music and Freedom!
♬ Caster:

Vladimir "zm0r" Zivanovic:

♬ Voiceover for intro:

Mitch 'Uber' Leslie

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TWB [ The Wild Bunch ] is an new international gaming organisation, for now we are acting in WoT and CS:GO, but we looking for talents for other games.
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