Russia, predstavljena zgrada iz Rusije u Global Village, Dubai, divno nesto

Ovo se nalazi u Park Timings, nesto prelijepo, imaju razne zgrade iz razni drzava. Osjecas se kao da si posjetio sve te drzave . Bas fino mjesto za setanje i odmor. Kao turisticki vodic preporucujem ovo mjesto. Global Village is the leading family cultural, shopping and entertainment destination in the region, with a unique shopping experience at 30 pavilions representing more than 75 countries with different cultures.

For 20 seasons, Global Village has provided world class cultural and family entertainment, along with a cosmopolitan and diverse shopping experience to its millions of visitors. Guests are entertained with exclusive live performances, spectacular new rides, delicious international cuisines and authentic crafts and merchandise from its worldwide pavilions.

This season, which marks the 21st season of Global Village 2016-2017, is even bigger and better, with an expanded line-up of attractions, concerts and entertainment.

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