xtc (2009) - Nykk Deetronic

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Composed in Renoise tracker. Taken from the latest album in preparation: "Psy Xperience". I've sampled Peter Jennings Reporting: "Ecstasy Rising" tv show and created a music video using only video clips from various parties I have been on and recorded using phone camera:

• Trance Party on Ada / Belgrade, 2006

• May the 1st techno party - Gradac, Valjevo, 2007

• Infected Mushroom in Belgrade, Kalemegdan Fortress afterparty, 01.06.2007

• Exit, Novi Sad, 2009

• Beerfest, Belgrade 2009

• & several private videos w/ some of my very good friends [special greets goes 2: Joe, Julienne, Kriss, Max, Natalia, Didi, Jub-Jub, Mefisto, NightKnight, Vezza, Tripo...]

Listen and download some of my latest releases on iTunes: Nykk Deetronic: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/nykk-deetronic/id669015004

More info @ http://www.deetronic.rs

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