And If...

... it was a dream....

What if it was simply a dream, where I was projecting myself looking from above other people.

A sunday, warm, the sun was smiling at the street. I was listening to happiness. Screams of Joy from everywhere around me.

I was alone. I missed her. I missed her. But I was walking, visiting a city I ve never been before. Walking on these stones under my feet for the first time. No cries. Opera. Harmony. Bach was playing. Resonating from outside into my head.

I walked and walked. My toes were even hurting. Suddenly. Bass. I was listening to another type of music. More dramatic.

I was entering into my dream. A dream where I stood there alone with myself surrounded by so many other souls. He was there. Someone made him walk, step by step, with this loud deep music. Booom Boooom ... Step... Step...

Two balloons were flying over the sky. In my dream I was observing them. He was too.

I stayed there. I counted until 360 secondes.

361.... I left.. walked again straightforward... and did not look back.

I crossed the barrier delimitating dream and reality. I was myself again. Not in a trance anymore.

I walked. Missed her again. Even more...

And if she was there with me

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