GAC Motor’s Blockbuster SUV GS7: A Carefree Riding Model

China’s fastest-growing automaker, GAC Motor, has released two new SUVs onto the market, the 5-seat GS7 and the entry SUV GS3 in watertown Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, China where tradition embraces innovation. These two next-generation SUVs, which have inherited the excellent genes of the GAC Motor family, are poised to bolster the company’s already astounding growth and drive its plans for global expansion.
GAC Motor chose Wuzhen as the place to begin its redefinition of SUVs for young consumers because of the water town’s rich history, its status as a hotbed for high-tech and innovation, and because of its youthful, fashionable and forward-thinking vibes, which is in line with the targeted young consumers of the two new models. Since 2014, Wuzhen has been the home for the World Internet Conference, which attracts prominent internet figures from 120 countries.
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