Paris, the city of Seine...

Paris and the River Seine couldn't exit without having the other. In ancient Gaul, on the island between the two main arm of the Seine, there was a settlement Lyutes, which was the capital of the people Parisi. In 307, this has been called Paris - the name of its inhabitants. An important stage happened when it become the capital of France in 987. The new capital grew very quickly, It developed on both coasts of the Seine and become a big city. Paris on the right bank of the river, according to its inhabitants is a city of pleasure, elegance, social life and luxury. Residents of the left bank of the Seine say here is serious city, the city of those who work and think, the center of the intelligentsia, the mind of Paris.
Paris has among other titles - the city of love, fashion, culture, and history. And there must be some truth in this. Paris that never sleeps. Paris of Belmondo, Edith Piaf and Yves Montand, Paris of the artists, Paris of The Bouquinistes, selling books on the Seine ...
I love this city!

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