Pink Roses in the Nursery

Day 54 of my 365 Day Challenge. This has been a tough week for me. My mother’s ten year bout with cancer is over and she has gone on to be with the Lord. Because of our own selfishness we mourn and cry, when we should be celebrating that she made it to the other side into the Precious Arms of our Lord and Savior. I will always miss her. Here’s an oldie Pink Roses in the Nursery circa 2007. Shot with Canon Rebel XTi, 70-300mm Canon EF Lens. Image detail 1/125 sec at f/11 ISO 100 77mm. Thank you so much for your continued support of my work. If you have the time it would really help me out if you visited to see high resolution copies of this work and others that I have for sale. Prices are reasonable and I'm sure there’s something there for every budget.

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posted 1 year ago

Very beautiful shot! I came randomly soooo...Happy New Year!



posted 2 years ago

Roses are the most beautiful flowers, very nice picture :)