ripe pumpkin

Creeping stems pumpkins grow up to 10 m, and the flowers are yellow and are located in the axils of leaves. The plant develops especially men especially female flowers, and the leaves are large, heart-shaped and very rough. The fruits are round, sometimes ribbed. The fruits of pumpkin are nutritious and mild sweet taste and seeds uljnatog taste.
Distribution [edit VE | edit]
The plant originates from Mexico, and thanks to the Spaniards transferred to Europe. One of a kind pumpkin originates from India, while in Europe the most spread round pumpkins originating from America.
Habitat [edit VE | edit]
Pumpkin seeds and edible fleshy part of the rich in fatty oil, phytosterines, protein, sugar and numerous minerals.
Curative effect [edit VE | edit]
Pumpkin to supplement their diet should definitely include patients with diabetes, gout, rheumatism or obese. Cold pressed pumpkin seed oil is very healthy and recommended desktop oil, helps to burn, wound or rubbing the skin cracked from the cold. Regular consumption of pumpkin seed, cleaving the typical problems with adenoma (increase) prostate returning discontinuing the seeds. Shelled pumpkin seeds helps with intestinal parasites.

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