Horses (lat. Equidae) are the diverse mammals of the order of equine animals, in which there is only one modern genus, Equus, and 41 extinct race. In this family includes animals commonly referred to as horses, donkeys and zebras. Delineation of individual species is still controversial. Domestic horse and donkey, domesticated forms of wild horses and African wild asses, and today play an important role as a riding and draft animals and are spread throughout the world.
Horses are large domestic animals with a large head and long limbs. Size and weight vary; length from head to tail is between 200 and 350 cm, the tail is 30 to 60 cm wide and the shoulders are between 100 and 160 cm. Fur is thick and usually short, and most species have on the neck, scalp and tail longer or even long hair (see mane). The fur color of most species on the upper side is gray or brown, and the underside whitish-gray. For more types can occur stripes on the arms and legs, and all three species of zebras are known just for its striking black-and-white striped fur.

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