What is the beautiful?

Hello you,
Probably you are done with all the tears and fears from yourself when you hear someone talk about the outer beauty and you're like me... without make up, without designer clothes and of course, without a hairstylist... I am wrong?
Let me give you some hints about what you have to do... don't care.
Someone said " I don't give two pounds of the way I look and the way I'm dress".
In the following lines, I will describe the beautiful, just read.
I founded the best quotes of beautiful by Sophia Loren : " Beauty is what you feel inside and what is reflected in your eyes. It's not something that keeps on physical. " .
Of course, It's a little detail there, don't neglect your body cause you won't be better.
These days I was writed on a social page, in lettrs.com , a story about a homeless man. I have a question : That homeless man was beautiful? yes, he was. I'll put the story there :

A story about a homeless man
Imaginary story but with some goods vibes.

One day, I was travelled in a city for a concert I've really wanted to see.
In the night, I was saw a homeless man wearing a blue scarf, a ripped t-shirt in a brown texture, or that was te mud, I don't know, a short blue jeans but he was pretty sweet on face.
On feet, he doesn't wear nothing because he was gived his shoes for a kid who walked without. The kind words sawed by the man was a quotes about the gifts: " I'll give you the shoes just because you have to create a good universe were you should walk without discriminations. You have to work for you and for your family and If I will live in that day, you should turn the favor to me and buy a candle because I have cancer and I will die in maximum three years. "
The kid started to cry and hugging him so much as they know both of us for eternity...

2 years later...
The "old kid" turned from his job to the man who gived that pair of shoes and he wasn't here, he was at hospital because his anxiously wife died in car accident and that makes a little bit more depression. The teen runned to hospital how hard he could and he sees the man waiting for the autopshy...But with that, was founded who mades the accident... The man who mades them homeless...
The conversation between them walked like that:
The old man: Why you are there? I was tought that you forgived me.
The teen: I can't forgive you, I will never forgive you. Why?! Because you and your wife means much than an adult... you haved a baby called Evan who anyone thoughed that he's died but he's in front of you... Your my dad... I'm your son... She's my mother.
The teen: Please, come home with me... at my home, please. I was builded a house with eight bedrooms, you can stay in your room maded by my wife for a long time ago. See my kids? Seems like you...

They was maded the funeral for his wife and the garden was fully of her favourite flowers, daisy and roses.
The kids are now the doctor, dentist and a social asisstent for the homeless people and the director of the institute of Calomny on school.
repost from my lettrs.com page.
Don't forget, it's an imaginary story .
P.s . I'm a beginer of writing in english.

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