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A Polish tanks - Light tanks
4TP was an early project light tank (4tp means 4 tons Polish)
Only one prototype built and tested but not adopted because the samtrao outdated.
He had a bad armor: 17mm front, 13mm at the sides and rear 10mm (turret and hull had the same armor)
The engine was good for that time (95hp) and with it the tank is reaching
a speed of 55km / h
It would be armed with a 37mm cannon and 20mm auto-Cannon
7TP - The most famous Polish Tank, was a replica Vickers 6 ton tank (current Chinese tier-2 a).
about 150 were made between 1935 and 39 years.
It was better armed and shielded from Panzera 1 and 2 but was considered worse than the Czechoslovak t-35 and t-38 tanks
He had a long career but has performed well in the war.
There are 2 versions of this tank
The first had 2 turrets and machine gun in each (you can assume that it is passed), the second one turret and 37mm Bofos top.
had 7 tons, diesel engine of 110 hp with a top speed of about 30km / h.
Armor: hull 17-13-13
turret: 15-15-15

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