Zrazy "Naughty hedgehogs"


- the beef patties
- eggs
- carrot
-sour cream (or mayonnaise)
- garlic
- vermicelli


Today we will prepare cutlets stuffed deviled eggs.
Boil eggs "hard-boiled" and cut them in half, will select from them the yolks.
Mash the yolks with a fork, add the grated cheese, grated boiled carrots, crushed garlic, a bit of sour cream (or mayonnaise) and podsalvage to taste.
With this mixture fill the half egg whites.
Pairwise connectable filled with a mixture of half protein we got stuffed eggs.
Prepare the regular meat beef cutlet with onion, salt, pepper and soaked bread in water.
The stuffing is thoroughly kneaded to obtain a plastic mass. Then the stuffing should be a little embossing, rolling it into a ball and throwing power on the table (10-15 times) - embossed burgers minced meat more juicy.
Take a piece of meat and mash it into a small cake, enough to wrap the egg.
Roll the egg in the stuffing, make the right slightly oblong shape and coat it in a loosening of the egg.
Just lengthen the face the future "the hedgehog" and insert "eyes" and "nose" or black pepper, or cut from Malinki or crusts of black bread.
The "nose" raise it up a bit, the hedgehog did not get angry, buried his nose in the ground.
Insert into "hedgehogs" "needles" from vermicules.
Hedgehogs ready to ship in the oven.
Ready "hedgehogs" spread on the topping and serve immediately to the table.
Zrazy make a beautiful cut and very juicy due to the filling of the molten cheese and sour cream (mayonnaise).
Bon appetit!

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