Water mills on the Pliva lake - Jajce

The Water mills are on the River Pliva, 5 km away from Jajce. They date back to the Middle Ages. These twenty mills, built on the stones, form a barrier between the Great and Small Pliva Lakes and provide a major contribution to the historical environment of the town of Jajce and are also an expression of the local carpentry skills and traditional building methods.

Due to the natural, historical, architectural, geological and scientific values of this cultural landscape, including the water mills complex on the Pliva lakes, this was registered as a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2009. These watermills are also an example of the industrial architecture of the country. They were used to grind grains. Their use wasn’t paid for with money, but with a tax of 10% of the production of the user. The Mills' owners were wealthy landowners.

There was an established order to grind the grains; each family was assigned one day of the week and this practice was strictly respected. The water mills have been renovated, and five of them are now capable of producing flour again. With the waterfalls, these mills are among the most popular attractions of Jajce.

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