Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard: The Hammer of Thor

Okay, it's book talk time. Part 1.
I can't believe it's December already. This is November wrap-up! So in the month of November I've read 4 books, yes I know, not that much. I have life as well okay. Don't worry this is NON-SPOILER REVIEWS!
1. Magnus Chase: Hammer of Thor - 5/5 stars
Review:- This book really WOW me. It's even better than the first book. So basically this series is about a 16 years old boy named Magnus, who was homeless and lived in the street of Boston after her mom died being killed by some mysterious wolf. Long story short, Magnus found out from her uncle that he was the son of God Frey, one of the Gods in norse mythology. Magnus eventually made new friends, and terrifying things started to happen. In this book, Magnus and friends were looking for a missing hammer, belong to God Thor. Along the story, Loki keeps on appearing from nowhere and bragging about the legendary sword and trying to make a deal. My favorite character is of course Samirah Al-Abbas, she's a muslim and a daughter of Loki. This character is very important to @rickriordan and there is a back story to that. It was very sad. I love the hidden message uncle Rick trying to send in this book that we as humans must respect, understand and love each other. Do not judge anyone base on their race or religion. Humanity, Equality and Unity. And he did a very good job about that. I can't wait for the final book next year, I need it like right now!
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