Another Bee-fly Close Up

Now this is an image I am very excited about!!! I have managed to photograph our normal little honey bees in flight before, but this is the first time that I managed to catch this very fast little bee-fly in flight! It took a heck of a lot of patience (which in normal day-to-day activities is non-existent and totally not a personality trait of mine!) and about a million tries, but I think I did quite good for a first time. He doesn't visit that often, so I have to practice when I get the chance, and as before, this was done without a macro lens or a tripod. Maybe I would be able to take more of these if I used both those gadgets too! But yeah, someday when my ship comes in I might be able to add them to my toys. Until then, I will keep going as I am and enjoy the practice and will continue being amazed at the things my current little lens captures when put to work!

Uploaded: Dec 2, 2016

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published 1 year ago