creep - quake live frag movie

A slightly late christmas gift, but here it finally is. What could have been a nice prequel to the overrated spacectf series, got instead infected by CA and duel gametypes, and therefor I just simply call this movie creep, starring once again me, creep.

For this movie I have under a longer time worked on a HQ weapon texture set, and combined with custom map textures by NastyTime, the atmosphere in this movie gets a fresh and uniqe look. Mixed with the best frags and runs in my demo-folder and edited with rap-rock music, it got the fast pace feel I'm mostly going for in my edits.

I trully hope you will enjoy this one more than I enjoyed making it!

Movie information:

Length: 7min 8sec
Format: .mp4
File size: 1.4 gig
fps: 60

radiohead - creep
limp bizkit - why try
hollywood undead - kill everyone
flobots - handlebars

Download link:;export=download
Texture pack link:
NastyTime original texture pack:

Folder: Fragmovies

Uploaded: Dec 26, 2014

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published 3 years ago