view of the island of Zlarin

Zlarin (Italian: Slarino) is a small island of the Dalmatian coast of Croatia near the mainland city of Šibenik. Administratively, it is part of the Šibenik-Knin County. During wintertime, the island has a population of 284 people, but from March to October its population grows substantially up to 1,500 people. Zlarin has a large expatriate community.

Zlarin's highest point is Klepac at 174 metres (571 feet) above sea level. During bright and sunny days from this point you can see Mount Velebit and volcanic Jabuka island in the Adriatic Sea. Zlarin has a myriad of fig and cypress trees, and other natural plants. Inner parts of the island are uninhabited and covered with thick forest. Zlarin is one of few islands on the Adriatic Sea that do not allow access to cars.

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