CPW Code Geass CC Figure Unwrap MyMail Unpacking Opening

CPW Code Geass CC Figure Unwrap MyMail Unpacking Opening
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This time I recevied one quite nice figure of C2 from anime Code Geass by mail. Box is mostly black, simple, on the left and right side of a box is cut Code Geass sign.
Front side of the box is transparent and you can see the figure.
On the back side, you can see a few pictures of the figure, and some instructions...
Inside walls of the box are all red, and packing is good for those who would never like to open their figures.
Inside of the box is protective plastic inside which is figure. There is pedestal, and figure, and no other additional parts.
As you can see, her cape is somewhat flexible, colours of figure are good, and the felling in hand is just right. Surface is smoothy and made of high quality plastic.
I really like how her eyes look likeand a level of detail is great.
As you can see, there is a lot of details on this figure, and it looks quite nice. Even thou I'm not such a fun of this series, I must say I really like this figure, and I believe every fan would be happy with it.

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