The Skeleton of a Witch's Pumpkin | A Pale Halloween Pumpkin Exoskeleton | The Magic of Autumn | by The Magic Craft

The cackling of the witches has long since faded away, and the last of the Autumn leaves have fallen, but in the heart of the woods there still sits a pumpkin. Forgotten and lonely in the dark, cool forest, it slowly rots away. And while there are none to appreciate its beauty any longer, it refuses to lose its vanity.

As the Winter wind begins to blow, and the color starts to drain from the pumpkin's flesh, it begins to take on a new form. This form, though ghostly in appearance, radiates most pleasantly, and glows through the thick darkness. Hardened to the world, and more pale than the face of the moon, a skeleton lies in the forest.

-The Magic Crafter

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published 2 years ago