Park in Tuzla

The monument to King Tvrtko I Kotromanić, work young academic sculpture from Sarajevo Adis Lukac, is set today in Central Park in Tuzla.
The monument, but also a beautiful park, will be the opening ceremony on Saturday, announced Tuzla Mayor Jasmin Imamovic.
"I am fascinated monument. I think that it is the author done in the best possible way. See the firm hand of King, but that was ruled brains, "says Jasmin Imamovic the monument laid.
Ever since it was announced a competition to select the design solutions for the construction of the monument last speculation about the price. Author Adis Lukac said the prices of the more important by the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina has finally got a monument such a historical personality as the King Tvrtko.
"It is a great man and a Bosnian that fact for me is a great satisfaction," said the author of the monument Adis Lukac.
In addition Lukača nominated were Mustafa Skopljak in Sarajevo and Zoran Juric from Zagreb.

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