THE FIRST (01) AND THE REBELLION... The arrival of eA (01). Modified in a forceful way the doctrine imposed on the universe, altered in all dimensions, adding new space and time now added eleven in total, modified the dark matter taking the great strength that the gravity of this universe so is to form parallel universes. Tartahuss universal hosts talked and talked, decided that the nature of the (01) should become extinct. This was presented in Nebadon to the one God and decided to send him to the limits of the universe where the same is contrae, (01) agreed, but never imagined what would expect him in the decision taken to eA (01) Tempes.despues the roots of Becqa still remains standing until his punishment is resolved. Meanwhile in Devass; The one God created Methatron - that all-seeing - so this will pose in the place occupied by the traitor Becqa, the mighty Methatron gave the task of personally verify all births occurring in the universe both official projects and illegal and tell new arrival of a (01) by this quarantine was imposed in the sector six and the arrangements of the arrival's evolutionary agents is would just following the plan already established under the supervision of the great Methatron and Cold messengers, the planetary princes would expect the arrival of the Cold to resivir orders. Caligastia contact Iinvhidathaan, Lords of the underground of unauthorized life projects, these beings are not of the grace of the one God and are descending from the first architects of creation that were expelled from Olm.El caligastia plan is simple would steal the spice of evolutionary agents to form without lungs three-brained beings or in your order reach the magnitude the Spice level of a being (01). Caligastia convenes his captains. SAMA - EL, Mashit, Abraxas, Samyasa, Belzell, Eurynome and the young Satan. He commands them to remember the visible doctrine of the great Becqa and list the advanced to rescue in Gentrika to his Lord and master... The rebellion broke out... JARDA SERINA TARA Gomez. LEON MYTHS, ESTHER TANOS, ANDRA COLD. The Bogavantes.Libro1: A forgotten history.

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