Completed Rocky Harmony OC Cutie Mark

Completed Rocky Harmony OC Cutie Mark

I have put a lot of thought into this ( 8 years worth ) and I believe this represents my character perfectly, their is a lot of meaning within each detail, the Yin Yang symbol represents my OC's name and her life because of the job she does, the bird and Alicorn represent the two sides of the life she has/is living ( original species, and Pony life ) ( the two are connected, one person living two lives ) The bird symbol alone represents Harmony's free spirit, Powerful/swift flight, agility, and feral nature. The Alicorn represents power, strength, and leadership. The sparkles represents magic, but I also thought they looked cool :P. Finally the color of Blue, white, and black represents the color of her original species ( bird ) ( It matches her pony colors too )

Fun Fact, after developing this character for 16 years, and the pony side of her life for 8 of those years, I have not once drawn my OC, but I have now XD. But what is funny is that during the time I was drawing the cutie mark, I couldn't remember the colors I thought of, just how it looked, but I was able to play around and make it work. XD Please tell me what you think ?

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