The stork nest on the top of electic pole , Prilep , Pelagonia Macedonia

Although many Europeans encourage storks to nest on the roof of their home it is supposed to increase the fecundity of the householders many would gasp at the inherent danger that lies in building one's home on top of a deadly current of electricity , in Denmark, however, the stork is not a welcome guest and so this would be considered appropriate alternative housing , the Danish believe that if a stork builds a nest on top of your house then someone who lives there will die before the year ends , these parent storks, however, will not be on the nest for great periods of time , this stork in Hungary is flying back to the nest to feed its offspring , the visit will need to be fairly quick though stork chicks can eat anything up to sixty percent of their body weight each day , that is quite a few fish and frogs.

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