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Church of St. Stephen the Martyr, known as Lazarica, located in the center of today's Krusevac, and he picked her up, probably from 1377/1378. and 1380 [1], Prince Lazar (1371-1389), as well as the court's church (previously there were thinking that it was a monastery church [2]), their newly built capital, Krusevac City. It has a trefoil basis, and its exterior is done in Byzantine style, alternating queuing of cut stone and three rows of red brick. The church, together with RAVANICA, represents a beginning of Morava style and buildings belonging to the summary type. It is the first facility in Serbia that has undergone professional restoration and conservation, which is conducted during the period from 1904 to 1908, under the direction of the architect Pere J. Popovic. Before him, the church, after the liberation of the city from the Turks, during the nineteenth century underwent several amateur restoration.

Protection works on the architecture of the church and the conservation of its iconostasis, from the mid-nineteenth century, was carried out in 1989, and the entire building is now under the protection of the Republic of Serbia as a cultural monument of great importance

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