Taldom.Asabina.Дом под необычным знаком

House under unusual sign.House under unusual sign
Galina Asabina
Dubrovka...Every time this house rises before my eyes I feel a slight shock at the unusual spectacle
touching the past, and not somewhere else ,but here...2 kilometers from taldoma.
I visit often and each time discover something new.
Here reigns peace and quiet, and the air itself is permeated with an unusual power and poetry.
Beautiful stone farmhouse the manor house of the late XIX century, designed in the forms of eclecticism.
Two window upstairs-(room) svetelka S. Klychkov, this includes with bated breath..
One moment-and two centuries blend together.... and my eyes get a picture of the HOMESTEAD in those early years.
Upon entering the house grow three tall poplar trees, which are dressed in green attire, make the garden even more beautiful.
But three mighty poplars on the edges of the garden there are birch, aspen, maple, mountain ash, Linden.
From the house leads to the village, always sprinkled with sand, and the sides of this track grows lush, white lilac.
Opposite the entrance to the house is conveniently located wooden hexagonal gazebo
and the Windows are beautifully executed wood trim, reminiscent of hand embroidery or lace.Around the gazebo path leading to a corner of the garden, and there's a "herb" garden, consisting of fused branches at the top of the yellow acacia.
Along the "Christmas tree" track a small pond in which the usual 12 ducks and 5 geese.
The Apple trees are 12 beehives......
I imagine in a small garden in hex and herbal the gazebo drinking tea with honey.
At the tea table were eaten scones and juicy with cheese, cakes from rye flour with sour and fresh cabbage,
pancakes, scrambled eggs, milk, potatoes, salt and fried mushrooms, all that was cultivated by their hands.
Samovar on warm summer days the house is heated near dry spruce or pine cones.
The smoke from these cones bluish-transparent smoke emitted from samovar pipe tongues of fire. With memorable voice of the singer Plevitskaya in her performance of "Golden ring" and singer, Dulkevich
"I don't want the light out, my secret will"
records from operas and romances by P. I. Tchaikovsky performed by Sobinov, Damayev, waltz "Lesnaya Skazka", etc.

About what I thought standing at these Windows Sergei Klychkov?
I know only one thing, he believed that the most solemn, the most beautiful festival in the future will be a celebration of arbor!
A celebration of Love and Labor! The love of beast, bird and man!
And I agree with the opinion of the poet about the need not to disrupt the natural balance, to protect the forest and rivers, all living things in the forest.
And why I'm drawn to this house, which he still harbors secrets???
I remember the stories of his younger brother Alexander Sechin and his childhood, because
childhood Sergei spent in the hut of his grandfather Nikita Rodionovich.
Sergei grew up in an amazing environment, fairy, pagan. Mystery enveloped his fate from the first years.
In his house, as another case said that he had met in the woods of a Goblin that morning with that light came the mother-in-law to milk the cow...
He even had a babysitter, a storyteller, like Pushkin.When Sergei was little, the house came the stranger, which a lot of then wandered across Russia.
Him sheltered, warmed, fed, for some time he lived at Klickovic.
Then, leaving, he said: "This house is under an unusual sign.
Here he pointed at Sergei – will be a great and famous man."
Was fulfilled the prophecy of the wanderer. Today Sergei Klychkov know the...

And only one thought disturbs and haunts:
"Why was he killed in 1937?
On a sweaty window I'm drawing a heart and mentally ask forgiveness for all of us..

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