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The natural renewable energy sources, in addition to wood and biomass, the most used is the solar radiation, wind, water power, and ocean currents and waves, warm sea, and tides. Sea waves have enormous potential energy, for example. one stroke average of the high wave energy can produce 75 million. kilowatts. Tides also produce a lot of energy, which is an average of more than 8 trillion kilowatts (in France in Brittany, has built the first power plant that utilize marine energy).
There are possibilities for exploiting differences in the temperature of surface and ground-water, from which it could get a great energy. Tides, ie. the difference in sea level as their consequences, can be used as an energy source by damming lochs with very large changes in the level. According to the total energy of this and similar sources (sea currents and waves), are real possibilities of its utilization very small.

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