Big Charcoal Skull Drawing!!

I wasn't very into drawing this but I am glad I did I am so used to drawing really small on like 9 x 12 or smaller I feel comfortable at this size but today I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go big this was drawn on 18 x 24 inch paper which sparked up my anxiety and I felt like I wasn't up for it my palms started sweating and I told myself to calm down you drawn a million skulls just do what you was taught and execute it or do my best. So I did and I am glad I did or overcame my fear of doing a big drawing. Even the fear of charcoal which I usually don't do as well but I am becoming better the more drawings I do. It feels great and I wanted to share thanks for the view!

Uploaded: Jul 2, 2015

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published 3 years ago