Malota Community School, Livingstone, Zambia

I can't even find the words to describe these wonderful kids. My first day at this school was overwhelming. I was full of different emotions that I couldn't describe. They started hugging and kissing us, as soon as we entered the school yard. They are full of life and positive emotions and all of them just want an opportunity for a better life. The school is actually consisted of 2 classrooms, where around 700 children in total attend lessons. Grades have 60-90 children and only one teacher. Sometimes 3 or 4 kids sit on the school desk intended for 2 kids. Teachers are not paid for their work, they are volunteers. This school doesn't receive any support from the government and it only relies on donations from good people. Children don't have enough notebooks or pencils and they are sometimes sharpening their pencils with razors. Please contact me if you can make any kind of donation for this school and I will send you the contact information of their head-teacher.

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