Cake "Puff piece of wood"


- 500 gr yeast-free puff pastry
- 350 gr of butter,
- 250 grams of condensed milk,
- 1-2 tablespoons of brandy.


1. The dough is then cut into wide strips 1~2 cm to Put the strips on a baking sheet at a small distance from each other. Bake until bright Browning at t 200-220° C.
2. Ready strips to cool to room temperature. Three or four most baked strips to postpone for cake decorating.
3. Butter, room temperature, whipped in a blender, add the condensed milk and beat again.
4. Add the brandy and beat until the third time. Pour sweetened condensed milk.
5. On the table lap lay a few pieces of cling film. To assemble the cake, alternating layers of sticks and creams. The remnants of the cream to cover the cake on all sides, wrap it in plastic wrap and tightly twist the ends of the film, so the cake took the form of sticks.
6. Cool in fridge at least overnight. Deferred sticks of dough to knead to a state of crumbs.
7. To deploy the foil and sprinkle the cake crumbs. Put the cake on a dish and refrigerate before serving.

Helpful hints:
The thinner will strip, the better and faster soaked cake.
Cut the dough easier all round knife for pizza.
Brandy in the cream, use to provide a nutty aroma.
It is important that the cake was twisted very tightly, or when cutting it will crumble.
Crumbs to the cake press warm hands.
From the warmth of the hands of the top layer of cream is softened, and crumbs well, stick.

Bon appetit!

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