This is the most difficult to name out of all the pictures I've uploaded so far. How to name your feelings? I don't know. As I write this, the title box remains empty.
I love lights, I always did. There's something about them that makes me highly emotional. I could cry just by looking at them, and I feel so silly when that happens. But you know what? There's nothing wrong with allowing yourself to be vulnerable sometimes. There's nothing wrong if you just stand there and stay open to enjoy whatever it comes. Is not necessary to be always pushing and fighting back. Because if you stop doing and thinking for just a second, you exist. And when you just exist, it all comes to it's right place. And you might get exactly what you need, instead of just getting what you want.
The day I took this picture I was feeling like this. I was quite nervous and anxious. The water was calm but when the night came, the lights were turned on and people started gathering around, music was playing as well. I felt I was alone though, but not in a bad way at all. I remembered you and the rest of the people was suddenly muted and faded. I was standing there by myself, watching the water fountain. Like it was a private meeting between you and me.
Because in my mind, you were there. You were all those lights. You were beautiful. And you were all I needed to see.

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