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Rose (lat. Rosa) is a genus of woody plants in the family Rosaceae. It is cultivated for beautiful fragrant flowers and still there are many hybrids and cultivars of roses which differ in color and appearance of the flower, the smell and the presence of spikes. There are a large number of wild rose, whose fruit (pomegranate, rose hip) rich in vitamin C is used in nutrition and to prepare teas. Of the approximately 100 species of the genus Rosa grow in Serbia twenty.

Rose, in addition to its beauty and fragrance as ornamental flowers used in cosmetics, medicine and cooking.The leaves are alternately arranged on the stem. In most species is 5-15 centimeters long and Feather shape, with the 5-9 leaf valve; valves usually have a toothed edge, and often a few small thorns on the lower part of the stem. Most roses are deciduous, but there are some species (mainly from South East Asia) that are evergreen or nearly evergreen plants.

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