Learn Surreal Photo-Manipulation in Photoshop

Learn Surreal Photo-Manipulation in Photoshop

Photo-Manipulation in Photoshop @ bit.ly/1QCMoWT

Learn How we can Create Background from Scratch! Different methods Like using Gradient or Brush Tool.
Learn How we can Create Sky from Scratch and then How we can Convert Ground into Sea or Waterscape stuff.
Learn to Extract the Objects from the Background Quick Selection Tool in Action.
Learn How to Place the Extracted Boat & Child into our composition/composite.
Learn How to create realistic Shadows underneath objects to Make them parts of the Composite/Composition.
Learn How to create Rim Light or Light Effect to put the Realism into the scene.
Learn How to create Sun or Fake the Sun in Photoshop into our Composite/composition.
Learn How to Add Birds into the sky-using Different Layer Blend Modes to suit the Scene.
Learn How to Add Lens Vignette effect to Bring Drama to our Scene.
Learn How to Color Grade the image in Photoshop to give it a Dramatic or Cinematic Look.
Learn How to use Visual Techniques to make the images More Powerful.

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