Audio Bully 17.02.2009

Audio Bully from Colin Murray's show - 17.02.2009

Wacky Races
Top Gun
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - 'Take Me Home (Country Roads)'
Mr T Satellite Navigation
Northern Irish Satellite Navigation
High Contrast - 'Racing Green' (Hospital)
Satellite Navigation
Michael Caine Satellite Navigation
Female Satellite Navigation
Wacky Races
Cartman South Park
Talking Heads - 'Road to Nowhere' (Sire)
Editors - 'Road to Nowhere'
Wacky Races
Family Guy - 'Carl Sagan'

Hayseed Dixie - 'You Shook Me All Night Long'
Spinal Tap - 'Amps to 11'
Sesame Street Spinal Tap - 'Gardening Accident'
From Dusk Till Dawn
Baywatch Theme
Fast Show Weather
TV on the Radio - 'Staring At the Sun (Afrika Bambaata remix)' (4AD)

Bill Hicks
William Blake - 'Sunflower'
Withnail and I
Pinky And The Brain Theme Tune
Withnail and I - 'Tea For Two'
Duke Ellington - 'Tea For Two' (Circle)
Beck - 'Bottle of Blues' (Geffen)
Bill Hicks - 'Life is A Ride'
Partyben - The White Stripes vs. Eric B & Rakim - 'Pump Up the Doorbell'
Big Bill Brozzy - 'Why Don't You Come Home Bill Bailey?' (Verve)
Bill Bailey - 'Doorbells'
William Blake - 'Doors of Perception'
The Hampton String Quartet - 'Break On Through (To The Other Side)'
Stephen Hawking - 'Asking Big Questions About The Universe' (Mona Lisa Sound)
The Doors - 'Break On Through (To The Other Side)' (Elektra)
Gilad Bloon - 'Two Handed Backhand'
Chemical Brothers - 'Shake Break Bounce' (Virgin)
Monty Python - 'Monty Python's Flying Circus (Sam Peckinpa's Salad Days)'
John Mcenroe - 'You Can't Be Serious'
Maria Sharapova grunting
John Mcenroe - 'You Can't Be Serious'
Roger Federer grunting
Roger Hargreaves - 'Mr Bounce'
Kay Pettigrew - 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air'
Gillian Welch - 'Don't Leave Nobody But The Baby' (Mercury)

Rockabye Baby - Good Ridance (Time of Your Life)'
Craig Hamilton Parker - 'Dream Interpretations'
Cleast Eastwood - 'Electric Feel'
Leadbelly - 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night' (Document)
Nirvana - 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night' (Geffen)
Roger Hargreaves - 'Mr Daydream'

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