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Preparing dishes and desserts with pumpkins, I got a lot of issues related to the selection of pumpkins himself: What is the best? What kind of clary gourd? What is the difference between squash and zucchini, which is used for cookies, and that for the marmalade ...

Following these questions let's walk a little world of squash pumpkin-with the hope that this walk for some of you to be useful, and that after this article "Calabash" dishes to be more often on your desk and in your thoughts.

Reading articles and recipes on cucurbits and receiving your many questions, I realized that the biggest dilemma actually create many folk names for pumpkin - pumpkin. For one type we have a half dozen or more different names, therefore, is more properly keep the Latin name, which fortunately does not have a lot. You do not have to remember that the noggin of the family Cucurbitaceae, but remember that it is the Cucurbita genus in which there are 5 types:

1st Cucurbita pepo - pumpkin
Second Cucurbita maxima - Pumpkin
3rd Cucurbita Moshato - Muscat pumpkin
4th Cucurbita ficifolia - smokvolisna gourd
5th Lagenaria scieraria - vrg.

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