Church in Beograde

Cathedral in Belgrade, in the streets of Prince Sima Markovic, was built on the foundations of the old church, which was mentioned at the time of the Austrian rule of Belgrade from 1717 to 1739. The old church, which was built of stone, with a large dome, without the cross, was so badly damaged after the surrender of Belgrade in 1739, that in 1763 had to be demolished. In its place was built a new church was made of wood, which in 1795 replaced the church of solid material but without the bell tower. The bell rang for the first time in Belgrade by the Turks, on February 16, 1830, and issued from the Srem village of Jacob.

The present church was built in less than nine years, from 28 April 1837 to 8 November 1845 ponalogu Prince Milos Obrenovic. Dedicated to the archangel Michael, baptismal glory of Prince Milos, who is given to build the church as her legacy. The church was designed by Franz Janke modeled on the Serbian church in Karlowitz, in the style of classicism with late baroque elements. Conceptual design gave the baron Kordon, a church built by the Pancevo and Zemun masters.

The interior is richly decorated. The carved gilded iconostasis was made by sculptor Dimitrije Petrović, while the icons on the iconostasis, thrones, choirs and pulpits, as well as on the walls and ceilings, painted by one of the most distinguished Serbian painters of the 19th century. Special importance is the church treasury. The church houses the relics of Tsar Uros and St. Despot Stefan Štiljanovića and grave church leaders and Serbian rulers from the dynasty of Obrenovic (Milos, Mihailo and Milan). In front of the main portal, are buried two giants of Serbian culture: Dositej Obradovic and Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic.

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