Søvik Vatnet in the Shade

On last weekend I camped up in the mountains to take some nice shots of the icey lake, snow, valley, northern lights and stars.
This is a little lake called Søvik Vatnet, not accessible by rocks only by a small footpath.
Its a trip Ive been planning for a while but never got around to.
It was quite tiring to get up there with approximately 20 kg and going on a rough path, took many breaks on the way up, I had planned on going on one of the mountain tops for sunset, however didn't make it in time and was more tired than I thought I was going to be.
This evening the northern lights were out however they were quite weak, but for a change were more yellow-orange and pink rather than the usual green and turquoise lights.
it was cool being in a place where you saw hardly anything from mankind and just nature, there is the tower and two small cabins by this lake.

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published 2 years ago